About ECRC

The Early Childhood Resource Centre (ECRC) was founded to address the urgent need to create an advanced platform for early childhood care, and development in the State of Palestine (SoP). Its headquarters is in Ramallah with two main outreach branches in Nablus and Hebron districts. Since its inception, ECRC has been dedicated to the development and promotion of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the State of Palestine (SoP), promoting the belief that investment in ECD contributes to the socio-economic development of the Palestinian Community.
Since its establishment, ECRC has initiated various Programs and projects to improve the education and well-being of Palestinian children. It has developed a comprehensive educational framework for ECD, created networks and contributed to many existing coalitions through debates, cooperation, coordination, and dialogues. ECRC has developed mechanisms to work in full partnership with grassroots organizations, empowering the women teachers, and working to integrate children with special needs into pre-schools. Parents are considered a target group within each goal.

Our Strategy

To ensure a comprehensive and integrated educational healthy environment for the Palestinian preschool children in accordance with the international standards and agreements on the rights and well-being of young children.

We will

Strengthen the capacities and attitudes of our staff towards management and educational practices based on the full realization of the rights and protection of children, good governance, and accountability.

We will

Work continuously to develop necessary curriculums, resources, and tools to ensure a healthy environment that is able to empower young children, preparing them for excellence at school and after school.

We will

Work closely with partners and relevant stakeholders on advocacy initiatives to ensure that national laws and policies are pertaining to the empowering of children are adopted.

We will

Continue to build the capacity of kindergarten staff, parents, and institutions involved in Early Childhood Development.

Our Core Values







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Omar Obeidallah

Omar Obeidallah Director - General

Telephone: +970 22980222

Mobile phone: +970 598403802

Email: oobeidallah@ecrc-jer.org

Nihaya Hamed

Nihaya Hamed Programs Manager

Telephone: +970 22980222

Mobile phone: +970 599783442

Email: nhamed@ecrc-jer.org