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Ensure a comprehensive and integrative educational environment for all Palestinian preschool children, taking into account international standards and conventions on the Rights and Welfare of the Child: All staff and volunteers will continuously strive to develop curricula, tools, and resources that help to enhance family and kindergarten environments to empower children and prepare them for […]

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The Children’s Rights Program

This unit aims at : creating awareness through lobbying, advocacy and training on children’s Rights in general and Palestinian children’s Rights in particular, based on the UN (CRC) Children’s Rights Convention. networking with GOs and NGOs, locally, regionally and internationally to promote the rights of the child. iv. The Day Care Centres

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The Community Outreach Program

This unit aims at creating community awareness to the importance of ECECD, Children’s Rights, and how best to protect them through: advocacy and lobbying with political decision-makers; advocacy and lobbying with the non-formal institutions; utilizing a variety of techniques to extend ECRC mission statement to the community at large such as: – Teacher to teacher […]

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In-Service Training Program

This unit aims at professional training and upgrading of the staff of ECED service providers. This unit emphasizes, furthermore, the process of learning and interacting with children through active learning, participation and learning through play, as alternatives to the existing verbal orientation. The In-Service Training targets around 120 teachers and care-givers annually, from all the […]

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    Adopting the holistic integrated developmental approach to early childhood education, care, and development, based on culture-specific patterns of socialization. Focusing on human resource development of early childhood education and care service-providers and the capacity building of ECED institutions. Targeting communities and institutions at the grassroots level, with focus on the needy and the […]