In-Service Training Program

This unit aims at professional training and upgrading of the staff of ECED service providers. This unit emphasizes, furthermore, the process of learning and interacting with children through active learning, participation and learning through play, as alternatives to the existing verbal orientation.
The In-Service Training targets around 120 teachers and care-givers annually, from all the areas in the West Bank. Training workshops are held annually in each of the five training units; namely, Nablus, Jenin, Al-Khalil, Jerusalem and Ramallah. The duration of the training programme is ten months; it includes basics of child development and how to meet the developmental tasks in the KG and at home, in harmony with the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.
A very special feature of the In-service Training is its innovative, individualized and hands on experience in the teachers work place. For this purpose, ECRC identifies 2-3 kindergartens and day care centres in each geographical area to be used as practice teaching sites.